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Low-Thyroid Symptoms

Do You Have Any of these Thyroid Symptoms? Even with “Normal” Blood Tests?

• Muscle Fatigue and Pain

• Depression, Lack of Motivation

• Can’t Lose Weight even with exercise

• Thinning, Brittle Hair

• Dry Skin

• Feel Cold in Hands and Feet

• Require Excessive Amounts of Sleep

• Increase in Weight Gain even with low calorie diet

• Heavy or Irregular Menstrual Periods and Impaired Fertility

• Gain Weight Easily

• Tired, Sluggish

Low-Thyroid conditions are most commonly due to an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s, and can be managed and improved through lifestyle and nutritional support, in conjunction with thyroid hormone supplementation form a physician if indicated.

Take the next step to reclaiming your health and get the help you need. Schedule a consultation today.

  • Dr. Larsen offers telephone and Skype consultations for patients outside of the immediate area, and for those who prefer not to travel.  Any necessary tests can be arranged through a local laboratory near you.  You will receive the same thorough and personalized attention, and access to the Doctor, regardless of your location.
  • Dr. Larsen offers in office nutritional and lifestyle counseling and support for Northern Virginia, Washington DC Metro Area, and Maryland patients with Hashimoto’s disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Low Thyroid Syndrome, as well as other auto-immune conditions.

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