Functional Nutrition Testimonials

Functional Nutrition Patient…Cherie J., Low Thyroid, Weight Loss, Depression, Low Energy, Food Cravings, Arthritic Pain….Success Story

“I was not feeling well before starting with Dr. Larsen.  My whole body hurt.  I have arthritis, sinus problems, no energy, brain fog, craving (like you would not believe), it hurt to work a lot, and I was just over all hurting from head to toe.   I was tired of going to a Doctor and trying yet another drug.

What Dr. Larsen explained to me made sense to me.  I feel great since being on this program.  I feel so much better overall.  My arthritis does not bother me, the brain fog is gone, I have energy, no more depression, craving, (my biggest problem), wanting to do nothing, are all gone.

I have not felt this good for many years.  I am so much more alive, and not down in the dumps. It really opened my eyes to what I was doing to my body, when I was eating all the wrong foods that are not good for you, or that you are eating too much of.

I have also lost 15 lbs.  It is not about the weight, even though it’s a good thing. It’s about how I feel over all.  Even friends and family had said they see a difference in me, as being more awake and not in a fog.

I recommend Dr. Larsen and his Functional Medicine Nutrition program.”

Functional Nutrition Patient… Kenn B., Santa Barbara, CA – Fatigue, Weight Loss…Success Story

“The changes in my diet resulting from Dr. Larsen’s nutritional counseling has really changed my life. I thought I was doing a adequate job of eating, but I did not realize how it was causing my loss of energy, excess body fat, desperate hunger and frequent need of naps. I was stuck in a cycle of waking to hunger and needing rest after eating, and I didn’t know why. All of that changed after I followed Dr. Larsen’s recommendations and now I no longer need to nap in the middle of the day, nor do I feel so desperate to quickly find something to eat. It has really improved the quality of my life, and probably also the length of it. Thank you Dr. Larsen!”

Functional Nutrition Patient… Denise F., Santa Barbara, CA –Allergies, Skin Rashes, Weight Loss…Success Story

“When I first came to Dr. Larsen I had some initial health challenges like weight, allergies and skin rashes. These were my 3 primary concerns or issues.  After just a few weeks, I started to see changes in these areas. I started feeling better overall and sleeping better. The rashes started to disappear and I dropped 30 pounds in about 10 weeks.  Dr. Larsen is so great not to judge or preach.  He is always helpful and supportive with me in my process.”


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