Infertility? How could Chiropractic possibly help?

How could Chiropractic possibly help with Infertility?

By correcting mis-communication in your nerve system!

Chiropractic is NOT a “treatment” for back pain, neck pain, or any other condition or disease!

Chiropractic IS about detecting and removing interference to the flow of the life-giving energy which is communicated by your nerve system!  This energy keeps us all alive, and functioning, and healthy.

When you have interference to the proper flow of this energy, dysfunction, symptoms and disease will show up in your body.

Since this energy is communicated throughout your body by your nerve system, misalignment of the spinal bones (vertebrae) can cause blockage or mis-communication of this energy.  If your nerve system can’t communicate properly with all the organs and systems in your body, it is like having a scrambled cell phone conversation – where you can’t quite make out what the other person is saying.

If this is happening in your body, how can you possibly have optimal function, and good health?

If you are not currently being checked on a regular basis for nerve interference caused by spinal mis-alignments, contact the office!  I make it make it easy, affordable and convenient to get Chiropractic Care!


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