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About Glenn Larsen, D.C.

Glenn Larsen, DC has helped thousands of people in his over 25 years experience as a Chiropractor. A native of New York, he and his family moved to the Santa Barbara – Goleta area in 2007. Dr. Glenn started Lifetime Health Chiropractic in 2009 to practice and adjust community members the way he adjusts family and friends; simply, effectively and affordable.

What is Unique about Lifetime Health Chiropractic?

Lifetime Health Chiropractic is a vitalistic, principled chiropractic practice which focuses on keeping you healthy by reconnecting all parts of your body with the healing energy that flows naturally through the nerve system.  This energy becomes blocked by immobile spinal vertebrae.

To help you keep healthy with regular chiropractic care, we offer monthly plans  from $79 to $109 for UNLIMITED Chiropractic adjustments!

My Commitments to You:

I make it easy, affordable and convenient to get adjusted. You will be treated as I would treat my family member or close friend. I accept all patients, regardless of condition, age.  If you are committed to getting under regular chiropractic care I will make it happen for you.

Chiropractic is more than helping back pain, neck pain, and headaches – it is about reconnecting you with the full flow of life energy that keeps you healthy and alive.

Glenn Larsen, DC
Lifetime Health Chiropractic

487 N. Turnpike Road,
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

phone: (805) 618-2970